Loyalty Program

Terms and Conditions

  1. Earning Points:
    • For every RM1 spent at thehobbystore.my, customers will earn 10 hobby coins.
    • Upgraded Gold members will earn 3 times the regular rate, i.e., 30 hobby coins for every RM1 spent.
  2. Redemption Options:
    • Accumulated coins can be used as store credit for future purchases or exchanged for vouchers.
    • When used as credit, every 1000 coins are equivalent to RM1.
  3. Membership Tier Upgrade:
    • Customers who have spent a minimum of RM5000 will be automatically upgraded to Gold tier membership.
  4. Gold Tier Maintenance:
    • Gold tier members must maintain their status by spending at least RM5000 within a year after the upgrade to the Gold tier.
  5. Points Expiry:
    • All earned hobby coins will expire within 3 months if left unredeemed or unused.
  6. General Terms:
    • The conversion rate of coins to cash value may be subject to change at the discretion of thehobbystore.my
    • The loyalty program is subject to change or discontinuation at thehobbystore.my’s discretion with prior notice to the customers.
    • Any misuse, fraud, or violation of the terms and conditions will result in immediate termination of the membership and forfeiture of all loyalty points.
    • thehobbystore.my reserves the right to modify or amend the terms and conditions of the loyalty program at any time without prior notice.