The MML system is founded by Raymond Loke and friends. The idea behind is to eliminate the conventional competition winner rank 1,2,3. It's about competing against yourself. You may check out his idea from his blog

MML Competition: It's All About RESPECT! - Part #1 The Origin

You may check out the great competition with this system at Animaganki at 2018


MML Competition Judging Style

(content is adopt from Raymond's Loke blog)

  1. MML judging is very different from the conventional Gunpla competition which consist of: position 1, 2, 3 (winners) and everybody else (losers). MML competition will award every single eligible work based on points the judges have given. This is mainly because we strongly believe, every piece of work, regardless of the modeler's skill, as long as he has put in effort in completing it, the piece of work deserve to get recognition by the organizer.
  2. The awards are divided into 5 categories: Platinum, gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit. Works are being awarded solely by the points given by the judges. We do not care how many get what award. As long as it deserve one, it will be awarded. So in one competition, there will be more than one of a certain award.
  3. For example, if it is a more serious competition, where everybody has put in more effort time, we will expect there will be more silver and Gold, or even Platinum award.
    If it is more of a fun build competition, we expect more Bronze and Merit award.
  4. Besides that, MML do not take age  of the person or age of his modeling life into consideration. Award merely based on points. For example, even in a very fierce competition situation, if your work deserve a Gold, it will get a gold  regardless of how many other Gold will be given to other entries. With a simple reason: Your work is good means your work is good. It will not drop or raise any position just because somebody else has more fantastic or worse work than yours. If you are a newcomer, it doesn't mean because some veteran old farts (Huhu) joined, it means ur work has been pushed to a corner. Your work will still get awarded as it deserved, in the eyes of the judges, regardless of other people. It is a competition with your own-self.
  5. Some may even find it easier to understand by seeing it as an exam paper or report card.

Your work will be graded based on 3 category in general

CriteriaRefer as
1Fundamental workSeamline, nibmark, Surface finishing (paint job), penaline, decal etc
2CreativityColor scheme, modification, scratch build, kit bash, diorama, special effect etc
3PresentationPhotography, diorama, story telling, display and pose etc

The final score you earn will be fall onto category below

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Bronze
  5. Ruby

The Hobby Store love the idea. The system will be adopted the system in any future event. We would like to announce. MML is back!