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Bandai 30MS SIS-Tc20g Tukirna-Diearth (Innocente Form)

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A new sister “Tsukiruna [Color A]” is now available in the “30 MINUTES SISTERS” series!

■An all-in-one item that includes a character body, three types of facial parts with tampo printing, and armor parts.

■Smooth assembly is possible with the runner parts arranged in an optimal manner with ease of assembly and work flow in mind.

■The face parts of “Color A” use tampo printing. You can enjoy changing the expression according to the pose from 3 types: ``normal'', ``open mouth'', and ``smile''.

■The armament with a pestle design as a motif can be rearranged into spear mode.

■The small head and body are divided into upper and lower parts, allowing for expressive poses.

■The twin tails are movable with ball joints, and a rabbit ear headband made of multiple parts is also included.

■Two types of skirts are included. In addition to the normal parts, parts with a flipped form are included, so they do not hinder the movement of the legs during action poses.

■Joint parts using light-concentrating resin are included.

■``30 MINUTES SISTERS'' offers a lineup of face parts, hairstyle parts, and body parts by body part. You can create your own sister by combining parts sold separately.

■Uses a 3mm diameter shaft common to the 30 MINUTES series. ``30 MINUTES MISSIONS'' parts can also be installed as options. (*The target age for the "30 MINUTES MISSIONS" kit is 8 years old or older)